What We Do

Pseudo-Nym, Inc. offers Internet Users - Consumers, Students, Gamers, Members of an Organization and Employees of Small and Large Organizations - a way to complement insecure UserID's and Passwords used to access Internet Web sites today with a 2nd factor (called Multi Factor Authentication - MFA) or replace those passwords entirely. Rather than use insecure UserID's and Passwords, they can use their own secure and reusable and secure Internet  PersonaSM.   

An Internet PersonaSM or IPSM is an Anonymous, Reusable, Secure, Managed, Virtual and Low Cost credential that can either complement a password at a Web site or replace that password entirely.  Not only does an Internet PersonaSM work at one Web site, it can be used at multiple sites.  AND not only does our service secure access to those Web sites, Pseudo-Nym, Inc. will reimburse our Subscribers if their Internet PersonaSM is compromised and misused.   YES - if your Internet PersonaSM is compromised, Pseudo-Nym, Inc. will reimburse you and any participating Web sites that are also impacted, for the costs associated with the misuse of your Internet PersonaSM.

Here, you can learn more about our Value Proposition and our Technology.