Welcome to our Demonstration Guide!!

Welcome to Pseudo-Nym’s demonstration guide.  Here, you can see our service in action on multiple active Web sites.  For a full demonstration, we recommend you access a site (any site) in the following sequence: 

PLEASE NOTE: Accounts and settings at the demo sites will reset every hour on the hour so visitors can evaluate NYMSM credentials on a repeated basis.

  • Use your NYMSM to Create a New Account

    • When you visit a Web site for the very first time, you can create an account and associate your NYMSM to the account as an authenticator and avoid passwords entirely.

    • Site A: Link to https://nym.omg-tv.com/new-account  

  • Add a UserID/Password to Your Account

    • This is the first step to associate your NYMSM to an existing account that has a password.

    • Site A: https://nym.omg-tv.com/create_password

  • Logon to your Account with Either a Password or a NYMSM .

    • This Puts it All Together.

    • Site A: Link to https://www.omg-tv.com/