What is an Internet PersonaSM?

An Internet PersonaSM - or IPSM - is a standard, secure, reusable, managed, low cost and anonymous credential that can be used to logon to multiple different web sites.  A bit more detail is explained below:  

  • Credential - An Internet PersonaSM replaces both a UserID & Password.  It combines them both into a single credential.
  • Anonymous - An Internet PersonaSM contains an identity, but it does NOT have to be a real, legal identity.  It can be anything the Subscriber wants it to be - their real name, a short name or a pseudonym.
  • Reusable - A single Internet PersonaSM can be used across multiple Web sites securely without any issue or risk. 
  • Managed - Internet PersonasSM are actively managed by either the Subscriber or their sponsor.  A Subscriber can see all their logon activity and revoke and replace their IPSM as needed.  Businesses sponsor credentials for their employees and manage them on their behalf - including revoking them when the employee leaves the firm. 
  • Low Cost - Internet PersonasSM are a low cost solution to the problems with passwords, which have many risks and hidden costs.  
  • Virtual - Internet PersonasSM are virtual and reside on the computer, mobile phone or tablet used by the Subscriber.  They can also roam securely within a corporate environment. 
  • Secure - Internet PersonasSM are hard to steal, hard to share, used from a trusted computer and combat phishing.   Can't be much more secure than that.