Our Value Proposition

Pseudo-Nym, Inc. offers a unique service that no other company offers: we offer financial protection to BOTH Subscribers of our Service AND Participating Web sites against Account Hijacking and Takeover - which is part of the larger problem of Phishing.  

When using their Internet PersonaSM to access Participating Web sites, Pseudo-Nym, Inc., will indemnify both our Subscriber and the Web site for any costs or losses related to that account being taken over by an unauthorized 3rd party.  

What that means is if an Internet PersonaSM is compromised and used to defraud its Subscriber or the Web site it was used to access, Pseudo-Nym will reimburse the Subscriber and Web site for the losses and costs associated with the takeover of that account.  

We will indemnify our Individual Subscribers up to $50,000 per year related to the costs of account takeovers.  For our Business Subscribers, we offer $150,000 per year.  More information is available in our Subscriber and Partner agreements. 

You can sign up for a 3 month trial to see how easy our technology is to use - signing up is simple and you can try our service before you buy.