Pseudo-Identities for the Internet

Pseudo-NYMSM offers our subscribers pseudo – or false – identities for the Internet.  Our pseudo-identities, known as NYMSMs, allow our subscribers to travel the Internet, visit our partners and be recognized by their pseudo-identity.  By having a NYMSM and a pseudo-identity, our subscribers protect their true identity while they are on the Internet.  Our subscribers only reveal their true identity when absolutely necessary.  Pseudo-NYMSM offers additional services to protect our subscribers and their personal information, including a secure and seamless 1-Click Paywall.  With a NYMSM and our 1-Click Paywall, both our subscribers identity and credit card information are protected as they travel the web and access different websites and online services.

And our service is extremely easy to use – the underlying technology already exists and is available on computers, tablets and cell phones.  After enrolling, our subscribers can quickly and easily identify themselves – with their pseudo-identity – to any website participating in our service.  Our subscribers can also use our 1-Click Paywall to protect their credit card information.

What We Do For Our Clients

Pseudo-NYMSM offers our subscribers new identities for the Internet – pseudo-identities – to protect their personal information and real identities as they travel the web. We offer additional services to complement those pseudo-identities to further protect our subscribers.

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