1-Click Paywall – 

Along with our NYMSM credentials and Subscription Deposit Account, Pseudo-NYMSM offers content providers an easy to use, frictionless 1-Click Paywall. After integrating into their website, our 1-Click Paywall securely and seamlessly lets visitors become paying subscribers.

Our 1-Click Paywall is the interface between a NYMSM and the visitor’s Subscription Deposit Account. After acknowledging a purchase, Pseudo-NYMSM will deduct funds from the Subscription Deposit Account, aggregate those purchases from all of subscribers accessing that site and at the end of the month, pay the content provider.

In addition to a frictionless user experience, our 1-Click Paywall offers flexible subscription services. A content provider can accept subscriptions for standard types of access, access to a website for a month or more for example. However, our 1-Click Paywall also offers à la carte purchases, where a single article or video can be purchased. With our 1-Click Paywall, content providers have more flexibility to charge subscriptions based on their particular type of content, user base, and other factors.

Finally, our NYMSM credentials also support enhanced security technologies to protect content: NYMSMs can be extended to protect content using digital rights management (DRM). Content providers can rely on NYMSMs to enable DRM to further protect their content.