Easy Subscriptions –

Along with our NYMSM credentials, Pseudo-NYMSM offers our subscribers a Subscription Deposit Account. Each NYMSM has an associated Subscription Deposit Account that contains funds to pay for online services. Rather than provide credit card information to every website they might want to access – online news sites, video sites, service providers – our subscribers pay for online services and content using their NYMSM and our 1-Click Paywall. After agreeing to purchase content or services, funds are deducted for their Subscription Deposit Account.

A NYMSM with a Subscription Deposit Account protects both the identity of our subscribers and their credit card information. Rather than provide credit card information to sites all across the Internet, our subscribers pay anonymously their NYMSM and Subscription Deposit Account. And as they use and pay for services, our subscribers periodically replenish their account.

And not only is our service easy to use, it is extremely secure. At its core, Pseudo-NYMSM is a security company: we are entirely focused on the security and reliability of our service and protecting our subscribers personal information as they travel the Internet.