Member Management Services

In the near future, Pseudo-NYM’s will offer additional services to both our corporate clients and content owners that complement our core Community-Based Networking. These services include:

  • Subscription Management: Our corporate clients will soon have the ability to manage their subscription services across all the content providers in our network.  Our subscription management platform will provide our corporate clients a single, consolidated view of their subscriptions for all their employees across all our service providers and allow for access management – where employees are enabled to access specific services and prohibited from accessing other services.
  • Digital Rights Management: Building on our core services, content providers will have the option to protect their content using digital rights management (DRM) technologies.  DRM allows content to be encrypted for a specific subscriber, which further protects the company’s content and subscription services.
  • Micropayments: Flexible pricing is becoming more and more important for content providers and SAAS services.  Pseudo-NYM will soon offer micropayment services that allow content providers to charge subscribers based on any number of factors, including by content and by the duration of their subscription (daily, weekly).  This service will provide subscribers a single platform to manage their subscriptions and costs across our network of content providers.