Member Networking

Affinity marketing is one of the oldest and most effective ways to offer individuals targeted advertisements for products and services based on their preferences, relationships or demographics. In the physical world, affinity marketing is used by colleges to offer branded credit cards to alumni, for professional organizations to offer education services to their members and by sports organizations to offer products and services to their fans.

Pseudo-NYMSM offers member based organizations – alumni associations, professional organizations, sororities, fraternities – a suite of services to support affinity marketing with their partners across the Internet. Our ‘Internet Affinity Marketing Services’ allows organizations to offer their members virtual, branded NYMSMs. NYMSMs are branded with the name of the sponsoring organization, contain a pseudonym chosen by the card holder, and are easily accepted by partners of the organization as well as our larger network of vendors.

And our service is extremely easy to use – the underlying technology already exists on subscribers’ devices. Subscribers just copy their NYMSM to their desktop, laptop or mobile device. When visiting a vendor participating in our service, the subscriber clicks our logo and is then requested for their NYMSM. This ‘opt in’ approach ensures the visitor – our subscriber – wants to be recognized as a member of the sponsoring organization and solicited for marketing purposes. After clicking the link, the NYMSM is seamlessly provided to the vendor, who can then identify the sponsoring organization and offer customized services and discounts. Since the NYMSM includes a pseudonym and a unique identifier, the card holder can be recognized anonymously by the website as a first time or repeat visitor. They can then be offered special services or discounts all without providing any personal information.