PKI as a Service

Pseudo-NYM offers Public Key Infrastructure as a Service (PKIaaS), where our corporate clients are provided a dedicated certificate authority (CA) and related management services (PKI) for their exclusive use.  Our outsourced, cloud-based service supports the creation, issuance and governance of X.509 digital certificates for a variety of use cases.

Pseudo-NYM’s cloud-based PKI as a Service allows our clients to outsource the implementation and management of a PKI, while receiving the benefits of standards-based public key cryptography.  Pseudo-NYMs outsourced service allows our clients to use X.509 digital certificates across their technology environment without the need to maintain the associated complex technical infrastructure.

Extensive Suite of PKI Services

Pseudo-NYMs PKI as a Service includes:

  • Rollout, implementation and support for a Public Key Infrastructure.
    • Using best of breed technologies and industry standards, Pseudo-NYMs can deploy a PKI that meets all our client’s needs.
  • Automated Provisioning
    • Pseudo-NYMSM supports the automated provisioning and renewal of certificates using the SCEP and CMP protocols, including to Active Directory.
  • Derived Certificates
    • Pseudo-NYMSM supports ‘derived certificates’ on mobile devices. Pseudo-NYMSM’s best of breed technology integrates with a client’s existing PKI and MDM platforms to issue and manage derived certificates on mobile devices.

Our services support a variety of use cases:

  • Authentic Email
  • Authenticate Network Devices
  • Network Access Control (NAC)
  • Replace Internal Passwords
  • VPN Access
  • Internal Web Servers
  • Wi-fi Access