Social Networking for the 21st Century

Pseudo-NYM brings social networking into the 21st century. We enable any organization – enterprises, alumni associations, professional organizations, sororities, fraternities and non-profits – a suite of services to enable Community-Based Networking with their partners, where a participating organizations’ employees or members can access partner websites across the Internet and easily receive personalized services and benefits.

And our service is extremely easy to use – the underlying technology already exists on the subscribers’ devices. Using an ‘opt-in’ approach, subscribers of our service can quickly and easily identify themselves – anonymously – to any website participating in our service and receive specialized services and offers.  They can be identified – again anonymously – either as a unique visitor to the site or as a member of an organization – or both.

What We Do For Our Clients

Pseudo-NYM’s Cloud-Based Services Support Community-Based Networking and Member Management Services on the Internet.

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Hinge Review 2021

Hinge Review 2021 Or simply planned to save a particular app to be able to erase the idea? I

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Pseudo-NYM believes the best way to understand how simple and secure we can make your environment is to see it for yourself.  Contact us today for a demo.