Social Networking for the 21st Century

Pseudo-NYM brings social networking into the 21st century. We enable any organization – enterprises, alumni associations, professional organizations, sororities, fraternities and non-profits – a suite of services to enable Community-Based Networking with their partners, where a participating organizations’ employees or members can access partner websites across the Internet and easily receive personalized services and benefits.

And our service is extremely easy to use – the underlying technology already exists on the subscribers’ devices. Using an ‘opt-in’ approach, subscribers of our service can quickly and easily identify themselves – anonymously – to any website participating in our service and receive specialized services and offers.  They can be identified – again anonymously – either as a unique visitor to the site or as a member of an organization – or both.

What We Do For Our Clients

Pseudo-NYM’s Cloud-Based Services Support Community-Based Networking and Member Management Services on the Internet.

Pseudo-NYM News

Where we bring you news and information about secure access and passwordless technology.

Using Pseudo-NYM to Manage Certificates

Managing Certificates - Digital certificates are an important technology to secure technical environments, encrypt data over insecure networks and protect digital assets.  However, they can be difficult to manage.  There may be hundreds or thousands

Using Pseudo-NYM to Manage SSH Keys

Managing SSH Keys -  SSH, also known as Secure Shell or Secure Socket Shell, is a powerful tool that provides system administrators a secure way to access a computer over an insecure network.

Using Pseudo-NYM to Replace Passwords

Replacing Passwords -  Passwords have been a nuisance for many years - too many to manage, easily shared with friends and colleagues. Now, they have become a security and operational risk - easily

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