Community-Based Networking

Pseudo-NYM is bringing social networking into the 21st century. Pseudo-NYM is changing the social networking paradigm from monolithic and monopolistic platforms to decentralized partnerships among cooperating organizations.

Our Community-Based Networking Services enables any organization, from closely cooperating partners to loosely associated federations to easily, securely and anonymously identify members. So, regardless of the organization or company they are visiting, their member privileges are recognized.

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Membership and Subscription Services

Pseudo-NYM’s services to content owners enable them to derive more revenue from their valuable content by making premium services possible and by helping deliver more relevant advertising. These services work on tablets, smartphones or on the web.

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PKI as a Service

Pseudo-NYM offers a cloud-based ‘PKI as a Service’ (PKIaaS). PKI is one of the fundamental technologies of the internet and is used today to secure millions of websites across the globe.

Pseudo-NYM offers our clients PKI technology as a managed service that is simple, cost effective and extremely secure.  Whether you need access to on-premise applications or use external services via our Cloud Access Portal, Pseudo-NYM can do it safely and securely. Contact Pseudo-NYM to find out just how easy eliminating passwords can be.

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Find Out How Pseudo-NYM Can Help Your Company Replace Passwords

Contact us for more information on how your company can take advantage of Pseudo-NYM’s simple, secure, passwordless authentication service.