NYMSMs and Pseudo-Identities

NYMSMs are secure, reusable and easy to use credentials that include a user-selected pseudo-identity. With a pseudo-identity, our subscribers can be whoever they want to be while they travel the Internet. Subscribers can also have multiple NYMSMs with different pseudo-identities. A subscriber can choose to be Nikola Tesla one day and Zeus the next.

With NYMSMs, our subscribers can visit our network of partners and identify themselves as their pseudo-identity. Our partners recognize the pseudo-identify and may offer special services and discounts – all while protecting our subscribers’ real identities.

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Easy Subscriptions

Each NYMSM includes a Subscription Deposit Account. A Subscription Deposit Account holds funds to pay websites and content providers for their services. Using our 1-Click Paywall integrated at our partners’ websites, subscribers agree to pay the content provider for their services. Our subscribers periodically replenish their account as they access and pay for services across the Web.

A NYMSM with a Subscription Deposit Account protects both the identity of our subscribers and their credit card information.  Rather than provide a credit card to sites all across the Web, our subscribers can pay anonymously using their NYMSM and Subscription Deposit Account.

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1-Click Paywall

Pseudo-NYMSM offers content providers an easy to use, frictionless 1-Click Paywall where visitors can seamlessly become subscribers and pay for content or services. Our 1-Click Paywall can pay for standard subscription services, for example, access to a site for a month or more. Our 1-Click Paywall also offers new and flexible subscription options, including à la carte purchases, where only a single article or video is purchased.

Using their NYMSM, our flexible Easy Subscriptions service and 1-Click Paywall, a visitor can easily become a subscriber and pay for content from any content provider in our network.  After subscribing, the content provider grants access to the content and at the end of the month, Pseudo-NYMSM pays the content provider.  We make paying for online content and servers that simple.

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Additional Services

Pseudo-NYMSM’s NYMSM credentials can be extended to support organizations – such as non-profits and corporations.

Member Networking

Pseudo-NYMSM offers organizations an easy way for their members to access partner websites and receive customized benefits or services. Pseudo-NYMSM provides branded, reusable NYMSM credentials to members of organizations that sponsor our service. Those branded NYMSMs allow a member of an organization to visit partner websites anonymously and identify themselves as a member.

That anonymous user can then be offered customized services based on their membership in the organization – all anonymously and at all participating partner websites.

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Employee Networking

Pseudo-NYMSM offers employers a way to manage their employees’ access to external partner sites. Pseudo-NYMSM provides secure, reusable, NYMSMs to employees of our corporate clients that replace passwords used at service providers that participate in our service.

Just like corporate credit cards, NYMSMs are issued to employees when they join an organization and disabled when they leave.  Also, a single NYMSM can replace passwords at multiple service providers and activities performed by employees can be monitored by their employer.

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Partner with Pseudo-NYM

Contact us for more information on how your company can take advantage of NYMSMs, pseudo-identities and our 1-Click Paywall to make the Internet more secure.