Corporate Passwordless Authentication

Passwords are the weakest link in cybersecurity. Passwords are easily shared, stolen and misused making them extremely inefficient and costly to manage. Pseudo-NYM changes all that.

With Pseudo-NYM, access to on-premise, mobile and cloud-based applications is done with a single credential.  We call it a NYM℠. Our cloud-based solution provides initiation, deployment, renewal and revocation services without the need for on-premise software.  This is the simplest method of authentication access for all applications – from Office 365 and G-Suite to Salesforce, Box, SAP, Oracle eBusiness Suite and more.  From applications in the cloud to proprietary on-premise data and everything in between, we make access simple and secure.

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PKI as a Service

Pseudo-NYM offers a cloud-based ‘PKI as a Service’ (PKIaaS). PKI is one of the fundamental technologies of the internet and is used today to secure millions of websites across the globe.

Pseudo-NYM offers our clients PKI technology as a managed service that is simple, cost effective and extremely secure.  Whether you need access to on-premise applications or use external services via our Cloud Access Portal, Pseudo-NYM can do it safely and securely. Contact Pseudo-NYM to find out just how easy eliminating passwords can be.

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Passwordless Access to the Internet

A single Pseudo-NYM credential, a NYM℠, gives your employees access to enterprise applications and services in the cloud, on-premise and on mobile devices.

With our Client Access Portal, Pseudo-NYM offers ‘Passwordless Login to the Internet’ (PLI).  Our Client Access Portal connects to external websites, providing access for our corporate clients – without a password – and connection to internet websites – without a password.  Using our Client Access Portal, employees will only need a single NYM℠ to access multiple service providers.  This allows faster authentication and eliminates having the user remember multiple login credentials for every application. Our portal provides a single point of authentication and transfers the identity information to the service providers so employees don’t have to.

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Find Out How Pseudo-NYM Can Help Your Company Replace Passwords

Contact us for more information on how your company can take advantage of Pseudo-NYM’s simple, secure, passwordless authentication service.