Our Mission

Pseudo-NYMSM wants to make the Internet a little more secure and a little easier to use. Pseudo-NYMSM offers our subscribers a new identity for the Internet – a pseudo-identity – that protects their real identity. Our NYMSM credentials include a pseudo-identity that protects their real identity and can replace ID’s and passwords at partners in our network. Our subscribers no longer need to share their real identity as they travel the web – in many cases they can just use their NYMSM and their pseudo-identity. Combined with our 1-Click Paywall, our subscribers no longer need to share their personal information or their credit card information. Websites that participate in our network can rely on our NYMSMs to identify visitors and our 1-Click Paywall for payment. Pseudo-NYMSM services are a leap forward for security and protecting personal information on the Internet.

The History Behind Pseudo-NYM


seudo-NYMSM is fundamentally a cybersecurity company. Collectively, our team has decades of experience managing security for the largest banks in the United States and other fortune 500 companies. With that experience, we are able to offer a new, secure and highly scalable solution to protect our subscribers personal information on the Internet and complementary solutions for our partners – including our 1-Click Paywall.

Pseudo-NYMSM first offered security solutions and services in 2009 but the market was not ready. In 2021, the market is now ready for our new approach to online security.

Our Leadership Team

Richard J. Van HornFounder and CEO of Pseudo-NYM
Richard is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pseudo-NYM. Richard has over 25 years of experience in the field of Cybersecurity, working primarily in financial services at Fidelity Investments, Goldman Sachs, DTCC and JPM Chase.

Richard is using his extensive experience in Cybersecurity to offer a solution to a problem consumers and businesses have everyday: too many insecure ID’s and passwords.

Identity management and authentication – Id’s and passwords – is a massive problem: we all have too many identities, too many passwords, too many texts, emails, biometrics. The problem is clear and so is the impact: insecure identities and passwords lead to data breaches, Phishing, identity theft, business email compromise. Unfortunately, the solutions to these problems are varied, complex, cumbersome and often ineffective.

Richard founded Pseudo-NYM to offer a new approach to managing user identities and credentials. We are looking at the problem in a new way and offering a technical solution that is based on industry standard technologies. Our solution is offered as a managed service, and based on our years of experience in financial services, with the highest levels of security and reliability.

Richard has been a thought leader in this area for many years, and is the primary inventor or co-inventor of several patents related to identity management authentication.

JT JacobyCompany Advisor
CISO, International Rescue Committee

JT is a recognized cyber expert with over 20 years of practitioner and executive experience in information security, privacy, risk management and IT audit. He is currently CISO for the International Rescue Committee with responsibility to oversee data protection for millions of beneficiaries who are part of the world’s most at risk populations.

Prior to joining the IRC in 2016, he served as Consulting Manager for PwC’s Cyber Security, Privacy and Financial Crimes unit where he focused on the financial services and critical infrastructure sectors. In 2010 he joined the largest North American housing authority, NYCHA, which serves over 7% of the New York City population. Here he pioneered the first NYC agency social media surveillance tool resulting in reduced tenant fraud & homicides. Prior to NYCHA, JT spent over 11 years with Fidelity Investments in several leadership roles including Country Head of Information Security for Fidelity India where he was a 2-year expat stationed in Bangalore with responsibility for cyber security over a 7,500 workforce.

JT co-chairs the NetHope Data Protection & Information Security Working Group. He previously sat on the board of AID Action Committee of Massachusetts near the height of the AIDS crisis and which was the 7th largest AIDS services organization in the US. Born in Washington, DC, JT has a BA in Economics from the University of Maryland and maintains CISA, CISM and CRISC certifications. He has lectured extensively on cyber security and is an avid scuba diver.

Ken KochbeckCompany Advisor
Ken is the retired Director of Information Resource Management at McDonnell Aircraft Corporation, responsible for planning and overseeing all aspects of information technology acquisition, especially strategic development and procurement of new and innovative solutions. Prior to its merger with Boeing, McDonnell was the largest aerospace and defense contractor in the world.

After leaving McDonnell Douglas, Ken held senior leadership positions at GTE, Fidelity Investments, Merrill Lynch, and Bank of New York. Ken was also a Director at Enterprise Solution Providers, a boutique information technology consulting firm to the financial services industry.

Bruce MoultonCompany Advisor
Retired, CISO of Fidelity Investments

Bruce Moulton is recognized domestically and internationally, in both the public and private sectors as a senior and influential voice on information security and technology issues.

His career has included many prominent key positions in information security. Moulton served as Vice President of Information Technology and was Information Security Officer at the National Grand Bank from 2008 to 2016. He held the position of Vice President of Information Security Business Strategy for Symantec Corporation from 2003 to 2007.

Moulton was the first elected Chairman of the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC), a position he held thru 2001. Moulton also served as Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer for Fidelity Investments from 1991 thru 2001.

Moulton earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and pre-med from Cornell University. He also attended the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell, earning an MBA in both Finance & Accounting and Hospital & Health Services Administration (HHSA).

Manuel NedbalCompany Advisor
Founder, CTO & SVP at ShieldX Networks

Manuel creates and leads technology vision and organizations from his rich background in the security industry and a thorough understanding of the challenges facing CSOs.

Throughout his career, Manuel has worked with market leaders including Network Associates, McAfee and Intel Corporation. He served as a founding member of the McAfee Principal Architects Forum, and as the Principal Architect for McAfee’s Network Security Platform, inventing core technologies of the first 10 Gbps deep packet inspection appliance in the industry.

In collaboration with other great minds, Manuel holds over 40 patents, has authored technical papers and has served as a guest lecturer and speaker at events such as Intel IDF and VMworld. He studied at Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, where he received a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

Gregg SweeneyCompany Advisor
President and Chief Operating Officer, IKON Communications Consultants, Inc.

Gregg is responsible for IKON’s day-to-day operations, general business development and the restructuring of IKON’s business offerings to meet the needs of today’s growth-oriented businesses and industries.

Prior to joining IKON, Gregg was a Senior Managing Partner at Accenture LLP, a Global 500 management and technology consulting firm. Gregg was with Accenture for over 22 years and retired as a senior leader in Accenture’s Resources business practice. At the time of his departure, Gregg led Accenture’s North American Customer Sales and Marketing Practice for clients in the energy, chemicals, utilities and natural resources industries. In addition to his North American Customer Sales and Marketing role, Gregg was also responsible for managing the Boston office of Accenture.

Gregg is a graduate of Boston College and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in both Computer Science and Marketing. He remains active with Boston College as an alumnus, coordinating a multi-million dollar group gift that represents Boston College’s largest corporate-sponsored group gift, creating the Accenture Chair and Research Grants within the Carroll School of Management.

He is responsible for establishing strategy and direction with respect to IKON’s corporate citizenship and local community relations. He is a past board member of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce and is active in civic affairs in both his local and regional community.

Peter TaplingCompany Advisor
Founder of PTAP Advisory

Peter is the founder and Managing Director of PTAP Advisory, a boutique consulting firm focused on the payments industry.

Peter is formerly the founder and CEO of Authentify, Inc., one of the earliest service providers offering solutions to make passwords more secure, combat phishing and complement passwords with a 2nd factor (MFA).

Peter is currently a board member of the U.S. Faster Payments Council, a board member of FinTEx and an Advisory Director of ePayResources.

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