Our Mission

Pseudo-NYM supports social networking for the 21st century by enabling Community-Based Networking. Our mission is to enable social networking across the Internet where subscribers connect to participating websites and receive personalized services as easily as clicking a link. Our approach to Community-Based Networking supports both anonymous visitors to a website as well as previously registered clients. Both types of visitors can be recognized individually or as a member of a participating organization and be provided the unique services they expect and demand.

The History Behind Pseudo-NYM


seudo-NYM is fundamentally a cybersecurity company. Collectively, our team has decades of experience managing security for the largest banks in the United States and other fortune 500 companies. With that experience, we are able to offer a new, secure, highly scalable and flexible solution to address the problem of social networking and access management across the Internet.

Pseudo-NYM first offered our solution in 2009 but the market was not ready. With the exponential growth of the Internet, the wide variety of services available and the billions of people online, the market is now ready in 2021. Our solutions address the problems of social networking and access management for millions of users across a variety of industries with different relationships at participating websites.

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Pseudo-NYM is always looking for bright, energetic, hardworking, technically-minded people to join our team.  For more information about the positions we have available, please contact us.

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