Our Mission

Pseudo-NYM provides credentials for authentication – simply, securely and cost effectively.  Our mission is to replace passwords once and for all.  By eliminating passwords, we will reduce cyber-theft, stop dangerous employee control over passwords, erase the need for tools, software programs, multi-factor authentication schemes and render useless the numerous password management solutions that strangle IT professionals productivity each and every day.

The History Behind Pseudo-NYM


seudo-NYM provides a high security, high volume credential management/passwordless authentication solution for your organization.  A solution that’s more cost effective, simpler to use, easier to manage and provides IT greater ease and control than ever before.

Password management is one of the most challenging problems businesses and IT professionals face today.  With millions of dollars exposed, countless value in corporate intelligence and intellectual property left unchecked and untold risk in business continuity, many senior executives are left pleading for a solution.  Pseudo-NYM provides a passwordless authentication solution that eliminates passwords throughout the enterprise.  Employees will no longer be responsible for ensuring access security with a password, a secondary device or a secure code, but with that of a single credential.  A credential that is controlled and managed by the business, making it cheaper, infinitely more secure and much more reliable than the password management solutions in place today.

Are you Dedicated, Hardworking… Want to Help Eliminate Passwords Forever?

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Pseudo-NYM is always looking for bright, energetic, hardworking, technically-minded people to join our team.  For more information about the positions we have available, please contact us.

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