Our Mission

Pseudo-NYMSM wants to make the Internet a little more secure and a little easier to use. Pseudo-NYMSM offers our subscribers a new identity for the Internet – a pseudo-identity – that protects their real identity. Our NYMSM credentials include a pseudo-identity that protects their real identity and can replace ID’s and passwords at partners in our network. Our subscribers no longer need to share their real identity as they travel the web – in many cases they can just use their NYMSM and their pseudo-identity. Combined with our 1-Click Paywall, our subscribers no longer need to share their personal information or their credit card information. Websites that participate in our network can rely on our NYMSMs to identify visitors and our 1-Click Paywall for payment. Pseudo-NYMSM services are a leap forward for security and protecting personal information on the Internet.

The History Behind Pseudo-NYM


seudo-NYMSM is fundamentally a cybersecurity company. Collectively, our team has decades of experience managing security for the largest banks in the United States and other fortune 500 companies. With that experience, we are able to offer a new, secure and highly scalable solution to protect our subscribers personal information on the Internet and complementary solutions for our partners – including our 1-Click Paywall.

Pseudo-NYMSM first offered security solutions and services in 2009 but the market was not ready. In 2021, the market is now ready for our new approach to online security.

Are you Dedicated, Hardworking and Want to Make the Internet More Secure?

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Pseudo-NYM is always looking for bright, energetic, hardworking, technically-minded people to join our team.  For more information about the positions we have available, please contact us.

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